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Diversifying into power

GSPC Group decided to move into power generation as a part of its corporate diversification plan and embarked on a short gestation power project based on the use of natural gas from its gas fields. The Hazira area of Gujarat was chosen as the site for its first combined cycle power plant. To implement the project, GSPC promoted a separate company named Gujarat State Energy Generation Ltd (GSEG).

GSEG, in turn, selected Alstom as contractor for the project through international competitive bidding. Alstom supplied the plant on a turnkey basis. Its scope included two GT8C2 gas turbines with generators, a steam turbine with generator and heat recovery steam generators as well as the overall power plant control system. The contract also included civil works, balance-of-plant and buildings. GSEG employed Desein Consulting Engineers of Delhi as advisors and to supervise the turnkey contractor's compliance with the plant specification.

GSEG selected Steag Encotec as O&M contractor for the project. The power purchase agreement for the project was signed with GUVNL (erstwhile GEB).

Project Development Highlights


Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (GSPC), engaged in Oil & Gas E & P, decided to diversify into downstream activities for value addition in the energy business and thus, GSEG incorporated in December 1998.

Contractual Structure of the Hazira project

Abbreviations: GSPC = Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd.; GSEG = Gujarat State Energy Generation Ltd;

GUVNL = Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited; INAP = Alstom Power India; CIF = Cost insurance, freight; CHAP = Alstom Power Switzerland

Plan Project Schedule

OPEN CYCLE(GT1) in 17 months
OPEN CYCLE(GT2) in 18 months
COMBINED CYCLE in 20.6 months

from the Notice to Proceed (NTP) to the EPC contract
Plan for a 156 MW, two 52 MW Gas Turbine (GT8C2), one 52MW Steam Turbine and two Heat Recovery Steam Generator - Combined Cycle Power generation project takes shape.


Association with other state sector companies and central sector PSUs like KRIBHCO & GAIL
Alstom Power India awarded with EPC for the plant

The plants made available both as modularised, pre-engineered packages (for this low-gestation project)

Development for a 156 MW, two 52 MW Gas Turbine (GT8C2), one 52MW Steam Turbine and two Heat Recovery Steam Generator-Combined Cycle Power generation project begins at Surat

Put in place - electrical equipment, instrumentation and control system, and other necessary plant equipment as well as the HV switchyard

30th Sept, 2001. Successful initial test firing and synchronizing of the first Gas Turbine.
1st Dec, 2001. Plant operational in open cycle mode

"The Plant in Combined Cycle mode (156 MW) is commercially operational since 1st June 2002."
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